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  • How do I submit my tattoo portfolio? Click here.
  • How do I submit as a model? Click here.
  • How do I submit my music? Click here.
  • Can I become rich and famous being a model? We cannot say.
  • Is Maelle Ink a Model/Talent Agency? Maelle Ink and www.maelleink.com  is not an agency. This is a resource for models, tattoo artists and tattoo shops to get more exposure!
  • Does it cost money to submit or join Maelle Ink and www.maelleink.com? No, Maelle Ink is a community magazine and we don’t charge.



  • Who can signup for Maelle Ink Magazine?  Anyone 18-years or older.
  • How does registration and approval process work? Sign up and you can upload your photos. Once we approve your account you will have full access to the site.
  • Why was I denied? We try to keep our community safe and your profile doesn’t fit our website.
  • Can I resubmit my application? Yes, click here.


  • How do I make my profile friends only or private?
  1. Tap Settings on your profile
  2. Click Privacy Settings
  • Is this site safe? Yes, we use technology to protect our member’s data.
  • If I post my photos, will I still own my Intellectual property (IP)? Yes.
  • Is this really free? Yes, and it will always be free, Feel free to buy a magazine to help with the development click here or share the site.
  • Will you sell my information to advertisers? No, We will never do that?
  • Will I get a virus from this site? No, this site is safe and secure. Before you log in look for an https:// and closed padlock. Learn more about how we keep your data secure click here.
  • Does this site contain advertisements like Google Adsense? Yes
  • Does this site use Google Analytics? Yes.


  • How do I resize images for my profile? We recommend Jpg Mini Web.


How do I reset my password? Click here to reset your password.
How come I keep getting logged out? TO stay login click “Remember me” on the login form.

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  • Can I join this site, I am under 18 years old? No.
  • Can I make my profile and photos private? Yes
  • May I link to my other social network site? Yes, you may link to all the major social network sites.


  • Do I need an account to purchase products? We encourage you to create an account prior to placing any orders so that you can view your order status and access tracking information at any time. With that said, we do not require an account to purchase print copies, just make sure you include an email address during checkout where we can send your receipt and any updates on your order.
  • What currency can I pay for my purchase? Each store accepts payment in USD only, via credit card or PayPal. All pricing displayed on our site is in USD ($)
  • Do you ship to all countries? Yes, Our partners ship internationally to all other countries. For shipments outside the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the recipient is responsible for any customs fees and import duties levied by the destination country, which could cause delays beyond the original delivery estimate.
  • What if the recipient’s address was wrong? If the recipient’s address was wrong, then you are held responsible. Usually, the package is sent back to the return address. In the case that you’ve set the return address as your own, you can update the address and personally reship the order. Contact us with your order # and tracking #.
  • How can I view the digital magazine? If you are online, you can view digital publications in most web browsers. If you have downloaded a PDF version of a publication to your desktop, all you need is a standard PDF reader to view the PDF, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? Our partners gladly accept Pay pal, Visa, MasterCard & American Express, and Discover.
  • Do you accept Pay pal? Yes.
  • My card was declined but I still was charged: The charge is a pending transaction and will fall off within 2-3 business days. Your credit card company or bank will hold these funds for your own safety.
  • What if I cannot place an order? Try enabling cookies and cache on your browser. Contact us to click here so we can resolve your problem.
  • Do you offer a refund on my digital downloads? We prefer you to contact us so we can solve your problem.
  • I cannot shop: Try enabling cookies and cache on your browser.

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